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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chat more sustainably

Did you just get a new cell phone? Are you wondering what to do with the old one? Recycle it! Donating or recycling cell phones, PDAs, chargers, and batteries has never been easier. When cell phones and accessories are in good working order, you can give them to an organization that donates them to charities or sells them at a discount to those in need. Recycling cell phones helps the environment by saving energy and keeping usable materials and toxic substances out of landfills. Cell phones and PDAs are made of precious metals, copper, and plastics—all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. Recycling conserves these materials so they can be turned into new products. Cell phone collection programs exist almost everywhere in the US and even offer mail-in services. Many organizations, such as cell phone manufacturers, retailers, network carriers, charities, and state or local solid waste programs offer cell phone donation and recycling programs. Click here to visit the US Environmental Protection Agency's eCycle Cell Phones page, which has links to companies and resources for recycling your old phone. Also, check out the the Center for a New American Dream, an organization that promotes a sustainable and frugal lifestyle. Its Cell Phone Recycling page has tips and resources, including links to alternative "Socially Conscious Cellular Providers" Credo and EarthTones.