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  • Seven simple ways to be better with money in 2018. 1) Weekly ‘bad news’ text alerts This is really easy and effective. Nearly everyone is surprised when their credit card bill arrives at the end of the month, especially that dreaded January credit card
  • Finance 202: Congress has hefty to-do list. Looming early and large: The federal government runs out of money Jan. 19.  The negotiations look exceedingly difficult, considering the range of charged issues  — including measures to stabilize health insurance markets; provide a



  • Consumers were the biggest losers of 2017. American consumers took it on the chin in 2017, as regulations designed to protect them were weakened or eliminated by the administration of President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress. Two main issues stood out: the
  • Apple se disculpa por reducir la velocidad de iPhone. Apple se disculpó el jueves por reducir secretamente la velocidad de modelos viejos del iPhone, lo cual dijo era necesario para evitar que el dispositivo se apagara de manera inesperada por el agotamiento de
  • Trump’s dark deregulation. Passing legislation and rolling back regulatory rules are hard. There are quieter, easier ways to cut down on governmental oversight. Here are five ways the Trump administration is doing so. The Data Dump - An
  • Apple slows your iPhone as the battery ages. As their batteries age, Apple’s software slows them down.  Apple is correct to make its software smart about managing old batteries, which can act unpredictably. Apple is wrong, however, not to
  • Algunos juguetes pueden espiar. Los juguetes que tus hijos desempaqueten en las Navidades pudieran invitar a hackers a tu casa. La advertencia proviene del FBI, que dijo este año que los juguetes conectados a internet pudieran ser
  • Twitter actúa para suprimir contenidos. Twitter aplicará medidas más estrictas sobre contenido violento u ofensivo, como imágenes o símbolos de odio, incluyendo aquellos adjuntos a los perfiles de usuarios.
  • F.C.C. repeals net neutrality rules. The Federal Communications Commission scrapped the so-called net neutrality regulations that prohibited broadband providers from blocking websites or charging for higher-quality service or certain content. The federal government will also no longer regulate high-speed internet
  • The fight to control the CFPB isn't over yet. Weeks into a legal and political dispute at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the case of the two popes is far from being settled. There are multiple ongoing litigation efforts — with