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  • Tips on how to master the vaccine-appointment website. Starting this week, there will be even more places you need to look for appointments online. Pharmacy chains including CVS and Walgreens are beginning to distribute vaccine supply they’re getting directly from the
  • Consumer protection agency investigating Venmo. The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is investigating money transfer app Venmo over the way it handles collections, a new regulatory filing shows. First reported by The Wall Street Journal, the filing shows Venmo owner PayPal


  • CFPB emerges from Trump storm battered but intact. The federal government is filled with anonymous civil servants who spent the past four years keeping their heads down and doing their jobs while trying to prevent Donald Trump’s appointees from subverting their
  • Pressure builds to revive net neutrality rules. For more than two decades, Democrats and Republicans have warred over net neutrality, the idea that Internet providers should treat all Web traffic equally. At a time when the pandemic has forced Americans to learn
  • Telegram y el desafío de la extrema derecha. Luego de que Facebook y Twitter extremaron sus medidas contra la desinformación, grandes cantidades de extremistas y teóricos de la conspiración se refugiaron en la aplicación, que
  • Consumer bureau director resigns at Biden's request. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Kathy Kraninger resigned at the request of the newly sworn-in President Biden, clearing the way for his nominee to lead the powerful regulatory agency. Kraninger’s resignation gives
  • Biden choices for CFPB, SEC pivot to robust enforcement. President-elect Joe Biden is set to nominate Rohit Chopra, the former student loan ombudsman for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to lead the consumer finance agency. Biden will tap Gary Gensler, the former chairman of
  • Millions flock to Telegram and Signal apps. Over the past week, tens of millions of people have downloaded Signal and Telegram, making them the two hottest apps in the world. Signal allows messages to be sent with “end-to-end encryption,” meaning