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Outreach & Training

Consumer Action’s multilingual and multicultural Community Outreach Managers counsel consumers, offer technical advice, conduct train-the-trainer workshops and presentations at community events and national conferences and provide expert analysis and commentary to English, Spanish and Chinese media on a variety of consumer issues. Aware that the best way to reach vulnerable consumer populations is to work with trusted community entities, Consumer Action’s outreach staff leverages our national network of nearly 7,000 community-based organizations by providing… Read More »


Recommended Training Tools

Consumer Action's outreach and training staff recommends the following tools, games and activities.

  • Living Life Online (FTC resource) (Jan 19, 2012)
    More and more people are using smartphones and mobile broadband. The Federal Trade Commission's "Living Life Online" has free content…
  • CTIA's Your Wireless Service (Jul 02, 2011)
    The Your Wireless Service section of the CTIA website contains resources to help you teach clients and consumers about wireless…